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Start Thriving Member Workshop

Being a leader today is hard, and becoming fully connected is not an easy path to take. We are pulled in many directions, have great responsibilities and there are many people needing our attention, focus and intellect. The challenges are many.

Work and life are integrating more than ever and it can be difficult to find time to prioritise ourselves. Too often “busy” is glorified, so we are over-scheduled and over-committed, and we feel guilty when we take time for self-care.

In this presentation, Mel identifies practical ways you can make time to connect with yourself, increase your self-awareness, and prioritise self-care. She will navigate you through the foundations of becoming fully connected so you can take back ownership of your life, reclaim your health, energise the workforce, communicate with conviction, and create cultures of belonging.

Learning Outcomes

  • A three-step framework to identify what you need to do to regain control of your life
  • Tactics to stay focused and motivated
  • Small steps to self-care so you gain back enthusiasm, excitement and energy

This presentation is perfect for

  • Leaders and emerging leaders, managers and teams
  • Association and industry conferences with a focus on leadership, change, and connection
  • Corporate leadership events
  • Corporate team building events

Make sure you register as there are limited spots!

Please note this is a member-only event.