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July #CoffeeinCaloundra

On Friday 5th of July, we will be heading to Mummy’s Café, and this is all thanks to Premise! 😊

Premise is a full-service multidisciplinary consultancy that provides tailored solutions across various sectors including Built Environment, Water, Environmental & Renewables, and Transport.

Their diverse skills and experience, coupled with our collective drive and determination, have created an energetic culture of thought leaders focused on providing greater outcomes within both public and private arenas. They are committed to providing unparalleled leading-edge capability and solutions to their clients, delivered with a local, regional and personalised touch. Above all, they strive to exceed their clients’ expectations every day. 👌

Premise is proud to sponsor Five Bridges as a part of our #CoffeeinCaloundra for July. ☀️

Five Bridges was established in 2013 at the request of the Ipswich Elders with the specific aim of addressing First Nations justice-related issues. Within its first year, Five Bridges was coordinating Murri Court activities and community justice groups from Sunshine Coast to Brisbane South.

At Five Bridges, their strategic focus is on empowering First Nations and disadvantaged individuals, advocating for their growth, sustainability, and community development through person-centred, culturally appropriate programs. Their approach is deeply rooted in the recognition of each individual’s unique journey, necessitating tailored programs, and training and employment initiatives. Their efforts extend across Queensland, delivering essential services such as justice support, domestic family violence assistance, substance support and community connectivity enhancement to name just a few. 💚

*Our members receive a free coffee. If you are not yet a member, tickets are $15.